Faculty and Staff

Meet Our Team of Passionate Educators

If you are a driven educator looking to spread your wings in SWFL, email us at: careers@discoverydayacademy.com

Education for the Innovation Age

Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare us for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined ~ Peter Drucker

Discovery Day Academy is a Florida registered private school.

We are one of the few private schools approved by The State of Florida to assist teachers with the requirements for professional               teacher certification, through the Professional Education Competency Program.

Our Administrative Team

Elizabeth McDaniel, MBA, EdD Candidate

Head of School-Curriculum Designer

Allana Cardenas, M.Ed.

Head of Lower School-Curriculum Designer

Donna Killion,

Head of Early Learning

Curriculum and Support Staff

Rachel Belliveau, BS

Toddler Support Staff

Jayashree Fager

Executive Chef

Primary School Teachers

Kristopher Wright, M.Ed

Kindergarten Teacher

Lisa Baldwin, BS

1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Amy Horn, M.Ed.

3rd and 4th Grade Teacher
5th/6th Grade Teacher

Lauren Perry, BS

Art/Makers, Dance, and Theater

Veronica Garib, M.Ed.

Spanish & Life Skills Teacher, Educational Psychologist

Early Learning Teachers

Erika Marquez, CDA

Lead Toddler 1s Teacher

Maria Morales, CDA

Lead Toddler 2s Teacher

Alexandria Welker, CDA

Lead PK3 Teacher & Early Learning Teacher Leader

Cara Swartwout, M.S.

Lead PK3 Teacher

Dana Deluca, A.A., CDA

Lead PK4 Teacher