Our primary school
curriculum is project based
and interdisciplinary

Primary and Intermediate School Programs

Heroes Project 2

Heroes Project 3

Heroes Project 4

Heroes Project 5

Heroes Project 6

Heroes Project 7

Heroes Project 8

Heroes Project 9

Heroes Project 10

Heroes Project 11

Heroes Project 12

Heroes Project 13

Heroes Project 14

Heroes Project 15

Heroes Project 16

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Approaches to Learning

Our primary and intermediate school curriculum is project based and interdisciplinary. Learning is based on an authentic question, in correlation with our community partners. This approach ensures that learning is deep and meaningful, with a focus on the application of knowledge. As an inquiry-based learning environment, all lessons begin with a question. Students ask further questions, hypothesize, conduct experiments, engage in research, document findings, revisit ideas and contribute to capstone work. Each child’s contributions are highlighted in an environment that shares their work through an exploration of communication skills and constructivism.

Content Knowledge
Lower School Reading

Reading: The Five Pillars of Reading Instruction: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary Development, Fluency and Comprehension

Lower School Language

Language Arts: Fine Motor Skills, Speaking, Listening and Writing

Lower School Math

Mathematics: Counting and Cardinality, Geometry, Measurement and Data, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Fractions, Algebraic Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving, Mathematical Vocabulary

Lower School Science

Science: Life, Physical, Earth, Space and Health Sciences, Scientific Process and Scientific Vocabulary

Lower School Humanities

Humanities: Civics, Government, Economics, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Geography, Historical Periods and World Cultures

Lower School Skills

21st Century Skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking