The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), the leading organization advocating for 21st century readiness for every student, has named 15 additional schools from across the United States as exemplars of 21st century learning for 2015.
Patterns of Innovation: The 21st Century Learning Exemplar Program, shares and celebrates the experiences of schools and districts that have successfully transformed their students’ learning by incorporating elements of the P21 Framework into teacher practice, curriculum, assessment, and professional development.

These schools represent a wide range of learning environments, instructional frameworks and school cultures, reflecting the diverse settings in which the P21 Framework can contribute to student success, and where 21st century learning implementation is taking place. They include 10 public schools, 2 independent schools, 2 charter schools, and 1 private early learning school:

Through a rigorous evaluation process, P21 assesses the policies, processes and practices that contribute to the success of these 21st century learning communities.

“We are thrilled to share what’s working in education through the stories of these tremendous schools,” said Dr. Helen Soulé, P21 Executive Director and program director. “It’s clear that there is no one way to create 21st century learning environments and that the efforts of thousands of educators and community members are paying off for students. P21 is proud to work with our members and partners to make 21st century learning accessible for all students.”

P21 developed multimedia case studies, including high quality videos and a podcast series, to share how each exemplar school makes a 21st century learning experience possible for all students. Key practices of exemplar schools are identified in the previously released Patterns of Innovation report. Case studies on schools just announced are currently in development and will be unveiled in early 2015.

P21 will be selecting additional exemplar schools and districts in 2015-2016. The application window for the 2016 Exemplars opens December 1, 2014. All schools are encouraged to apply. Learn more at and #PatternsofInnovation.

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